Sunghyun Hong
Rhode Island School of Design
Highest Acceptance Honors

“The few years that I was able to study under Justin Kim was an eye-opening experience for me. Even I, who had little to no exposure in the field, managed to quickly grasp the basic techniques required for a fine artist under his tutelage. He pushes students to create abstractions that allow free thinking, giving tips to improve the technical requirements needed to realize these grand ideas. This was especially helpful after entering RISD, which stresses the same kind of ideology. Justin is an excellent teacher, whose own love for art has truly inspired me.”
Tina Zuo
Otis College of Art and Design
Highest Acceptance Honors

“As an avid art student, I have had much trial and error in finding an art instructor that not only was a fantastic artist, but also a great instructor. After coming upon Justin’s art studio and taking classes with him, I have learned so much in terms of skill, technique, and quality of work. Justin is very patient and his background as an instructor at Otis definitely helped me excel during my first year at Otis College of Art and Design. All of these skills I picked up from Justin’s instruction have been essential to my learning during my first year of art college.”
Boram Woo
Rhode Island School of Design
Brown Dual Degree Program

“Learning under Justin Kim’s guidance has been a very rewarding and valuable experience. I met him as a beginner artist, and through his instruction I was able to improve my art skills tremendously within a short amount of time. Thanks to his stable and through knowledge in the arts, I was able to build a solid foundation that makes me confident that I will be able to do well in the future.
Mindy Kim
Art Center College of Design
International Student, Scholarship

“I am proud of being the student of Justin Kim, whose passion towards art cannot be compared to any other teachers. He gets excited when explaining about what he knows and what he has experienced in his life. Just as within him, there is no doubt that you will be motivated and get power to pursue something that you have been planning for. I wish the best of your future with Justin Kim.”